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Complete Online Busking and Street Performing Course

  • Module 1 - All about finales
  • Module 2 - Attracting a crowd
  • Module 3 - Keeping your audience
  • Module 4 - Bonus and extra material

THE complete ONLINE BUSKING AND STREET MAGIC COURSE. This is the most comprehensive online street theater course in the world, presented by the School of Busking. We have hours of online training, guest interviews. As a result of listening to our current online students who have been helping us build the course with their feedback for the past year. We will be adding more PDF files, breaking down shows with explanations and lot more. 

Module 1 - All about finales 

Module 2 - Attracting a crowd 

Module 3 - Keeping your audience 

Module 4 - Bonus and extra material - this module is filled with extra seminars, lectures, panel discussions, interviews with street perfumers, full street shows etc. 

There are a variety of settings that this course contains, from the School of Busking here in Cardiff, the focus on street magic course in Las Vegas, the Street Theatre & busking course in Cardiff and from the original School of Busking DVD.

We keep on adding more great content for you! As we make more informative videos - we will keep on adding them to the course! 


This product includes the following digital media:


  1. The School of Busking online course promo

  2. Welcome to the Online School of Busking

  3. MODULE 1 What is busking

  4. Bylaws

  5. Hat Lines Part 1

  6. Hat Lines Part 2

  7. More on hat lines (Focus on Street Magic)

  8. Finales

  9. Finales part 2

  10. MODULE 1 Practical Assignments

  11. MODULE 2 Welcome and introduction

  12. All about pitches for your Street Show

  13. Finding the hot spot

  14. Curiosity vs clap and cheer

  15. Loud & Rude Method

  16. Subtlety and Curiosity

  17. Attracting a crowd

  18. Student Attracting an Audience

  19. The 3 Ps

  20. Closing Module 2

  21. MODULE 3 Keeping your audience

  22. How to Get a Volunteer

  23. Student Getting a Volunteer

  24. Dealing with distractions on the street

  25. Student Dealing with Distractions

  26. History of a bottler

  27. All about the blow off

  28. Overlapping Your Material

  29. Demonstration of Overlapping

  30. MODULE 4 BONUS MATERIAL Get out and do it - all about finales - Seminar

  31. BONUS MATERIAL Paul Draper Lecture

  32. BONUS MATERIAL Time Lecture - the way of the timelord

  33. BONUS MATERIAL Panel discussion with street performers in Las Vegas

  34. BONUS MATERIAL Adam flowers interview

  35. BONUS MATERIAL Adam flowers LIVE Street show

  36. BONUS MATERIAL Interview with Will Bradshaw

  37. BONUS MATERIAL Mario and Aerial Manx - International Street Performer

  38. BONUS MATERIAL Aerial Manx Tips

  39. BONUS MATERIAL Manx show - a short clip of his finale

  40. BONUS MATERIAL Mario's story

  41. Bonus benefits of a street show

  42. Ethics believe it or not

  43. BONUS - ZOOM LIVE ONLINE - Attracting a Crowd - Pushing Them Out

  44. BONUS - ZOOM LIVE ONLINE - What Makes a Great Finale!


  46. BONUS - ZOOM LIVE ONLINE -Unpacking Cups and Balls


  48. BONUS - ZOOM LIVE ONLINE - Whats in the Bag?

  49. BONUS - ZOOM LIVE ONLINE - Expanding your Street Show!

  50. BONUS - ZOOM LIVE ONLINE - Character

  51. BONUS - ZOOM LIVE ONLINE - Clowning and More about Exploring your Character.


  1. M1 What is busking? (71 KB)

  2. M1 Bylaws and busking (89 KB)

  3. M 1 Hat lines (70 KB)

  4. M1 All about finales (56 KB)

  5. M1 Worksheet (32 KB)

  6. M1 Hat lines worksheet (33 KB)

  7. M2 - All about pitches (46 KB)

  8. M2 - Finding the hotspot (32 KB)

  9. M2 - Pull them in, push them out (56 KB)

  10. M2 - Attracting a crowd (47 KB)

  11. M2 Clap & Cheer vs the art of curiosity (57 KB)

  12. M2 worksheet (63 KB)

  13. Mario's busking tips (71 KB)

Tags street performing, learning, busking, street magic, magic, online busking course, busking advice, busking course, street show
Media Type Digital Lesson

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Customer Reviews

  • Complete Online Busking and Street Performing Course

    5 Stars

    I want to say thank you Mario. Over the last year I have watched your lectures and applied them to my street show and they have made me a better magician and also improved the size of my hats.

    Was this review helpful to you?YesNo
  • Complete Online Busking and Street Performing Course

    5 Stars

    Awesome! So much information.

    Was this review helpful to you?YesNo
  • A truly up to date and fresh resource

    5 Stars

    A truly up to date and fresh resource with it foundations in the rich history of this art form. This is a very clear and real life example lead program really exploring the tools we have available as a busker.

    Mario dose not delivery this as his way is the only way, but rather share and valuates what we as buskers have available and how best we use them for us, our audience and the environment we are in.

    Veronica and Mario are truly awesome!

    By Alan Woman

    Was this review helpful to you?YesNo
  • A huge and fantastic resource.

    5 Stars

    A huge and fantastic resource. Not just for street magicians but for anyone looking how to turn their magic show into entertainment. I refer to it time and time again. Veronica and Mario are real professionals. Always quick to come back to you, generous and helpful. Thanks guys!

    Mark Keeble

    Was this review helpful to you?YesNo
  • Well impressed!

    5 Stars

    I am well impressed with my purchase.
    I decided instead of spending more money on new tricks and books etc, to purchase the course, to actually learn how to perform properly on the street’s to get those fat hats.
    Many thanks Mario and Veronica

    John Reynolds

    Was this review helpful to you?YesNo