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Silks of Attraction

  • Mario Morris developed this routine on the streets, and has been using this effect to attract audiences for over 2 decades.
  • Now he is teaching this very effective routine, stage by stage.
  • Receive every you need plus streaming instructions on how to do this great effect.
  • British, hand-made diamond silks come with this product.

The Silks of Attraction is a classic street magic trick that utilizes a red silk hanky that transforms into yellow silk when passed through a clenched hand. The illusion is effective in attracting an audience and can be repeated multiple times to attract and audience and to keep them engaged.


Mario Morris teaches you how!


The Silks of Attraction routine also includes a final vanishing effect where the silk is thrown into the air and disappears. It then reappears as it is pulled out of the performer's mouth, adding an additional layer of surprise and intrigue. The silk can then be conveniently replaced into the performer's pocket leaving him clean and ready for another instant repeat performance.


The Silks of Attraction routine is a powerful audience attractor that has been used by a Mario Morris street magician for many years.

Mario kept the routine secret and only performed half of his routine when other magicians were around.

Now, Mario has finally released the full routine with the magic community, allowing other performers to use it in their own acts.


The Silks of Attraction routine is an effective way to attract audiences, it is inspired by the classic colour-changing silk trick with an added twist that makes it unique.

The routine is suitable for street, stage, and close-up magic performances.

It can be repeated multiple times as the silk is instantly ready to be used again.

Additionally, the added effect of the silk disappearing and reappearing out of the performer's mouth adds an extra layer of surprise and intrigue to the routine.



Please note: silk hankies may be of different colours than that in the photos/videos.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Silks Explanation 1

  2. Silks Explaination 2

  3. silks of A studio performance

  4. Silks live demonstration


Tags attract an audience, attracting a crowd, magic, stage, close up, street magic, busking
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Customer Reviews

  • Silks of Attraction

    5 Stars

    Love the dye tube more than the ones I already had. Thumb tip is too big for my mouth, but I won't count against that as it is a biological thing. I have a thumb tip that does fit my mouth and amazingly fits the silk. Never used diamond silks before. Love them as well. Great instructions.

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