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Danger Magic Street Show

  • Portable grand illusion Magic Show
  • Ready to perform at a moment's notice.
  • Travels well
  • Weighs little.
  • Instant repeat show
  • No set-up time
  • All fits into a small bag

Danger Street Magic Show by Mario Morris

A portable grand illusion show that fits into a small bag. 


You'll receive all the props you need, as well as training videos from one of the world's top street magic and busking experts, Mario Morris. He will teach you how to captivate an audience and make them pay. The show is easy to carry, ready to perform at a moment's notice, and takes little room in a shoulder bag.


In this show pack, you will get three powerful effects:


  Silks of Attraction: change the colour of two silks and make it vanish and reappear from different locations.

  Linking Ropes: keep the audience participating by building on two volunteers and tying the ropes into links.

  The World's Most Dangerous Card Trick: a dangerous card effect that will have your audience gasping in this cliffhanger finale.


The show is fantastic for street magic, stage and corporate events, and close-up performances. You can perform these effects separately or mix and match them to your own current show. 


You will also receive a free original streamlining teaching video on street performing as a bonus.


" Mario Morris World's Most Dangerous Card Trick - is one of the MOST spellbinding, 
suspense-filled routines in magic. I know I've experienced it MANY times!
Few routines even approach the energy of this feature act."

Jeff McBride
Headliner Magician, Founder of The Magic & Mystery School, Las Vegas

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Silks of Attraction Explanation 1

  2. Silks of Attraction Explanation 2

  3. Silks of Attraction studio performance

  4. Silks of attraction live demonstration

  5. Silks of Attraction Live Street Performance

  6. Linking Ropes Mario Morris performs his linking rope routine

  7. Linking Rope Routine Teaching Video UK

  8. Linking Ropes Mario Morris teaches his linking rope routine

  9. Linking Ropes Live Outdoor Ropes Performance

  10. Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick Warning and studio performance

  11. Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick Explanation, Care & Caution

  12. Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick Explanation part 2

  13. Worlds Most Dangerous Bonus 1 gin trap 3 Blindfold performance

  14. Worlds Most Dangerous Bonus 2 The way Mario used to perform it - accidentally on purpose

  15. The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick Jam


  1. Linking Ropes written instructions (2.03 MB)

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