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Pitch Magic like a Pro Online Course Newsletter Members Special Deal

  • You will learn how to.
  • Demonstrate Magic effects
  • Sell Magic Tricks
  • Attract clients to your stall
  • Convince them they can do Magic
  • Get them to buy Magic
  • Help them to build confidence
  • Establish new leads and contacts
  • Earn Money even if you're not booked to do a show

Make Money doing what you love!
If you're a Magician you may well be overlooking a way of making more money whilst doing what you love. We have a focus that can significantly increase your income. "Pitch Magic Like a Pro" is a proven technique has increased my revenue as well as the students who have followed my step by step instructions. 

On our course "Pitch Magic Like a Pro"

You will get.

11 modules of me teaching how to pitch

Real-time video footage that corresponds to the teaching.

Downloadable PDF files to help you to learn more

A whole video of me pitching in real-time

Excellent online support from the School of Busking

As we add extra material to this course you will get free

Also, we have Bonus material


If you are serious about wanting to make extra money as a Magician then you can get yours now

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Welcome to the course

  2. module 1 The Pitch

  3. Showtime video

  4. Module 2 Attracting an audience

  5. Module 3 Keeping an audience

  6. Module 4 All about the pitch and getting sales

  7. Module 5 Explanation of the Cards

  8. Module 6 about kickers

  9. Module 7 The good and the bad

  10. Module 8 The Up Sale and how to double your money

  11. Module 9 The Convincer

  12. Module 10 Jokes and subleties

  13. Mod 11 set up of rig and location

  14. Bonus Veronica pitching

  15. Bonus benefits of a street show

  16. Ethics believe it or not

  17. Pitch like a Pro Promo


  1. Welcome to the course and little bit about Mario Morris (48 KB)

  2. Attracting an Audience (54 KB)

  3. Keeping an Audience (34 KB)

  4. All about the pitch (68 KB)

  5. A litte bit about kickers (39 KB)

  6. The good and the bad - more about kickers (40 KB)

  7. The up sale (48 KB)

  8. The Convincer (50 KB)

  9. Jokes (37 KB)

  10. Ethics - Believe it or Nort (40 KB)

  11. Wholesales or Magic Products (34 KB)

Media Type Digital Lesson